Monday, February 20, 2012


Just a few photos from the other night...  All the following are single images (not stacked) on my CGEM 8 unguided with the Reducer - Corrector and D7000.  Click on each image to see its full size... Feel free to use them just reference me.

This one is a 20s exposure at 1600 ISO.  Cropped in CS5 just a bit.  

This one is a 10s exposure at 1600 ISO.  A car drove by to produce the lens flair at the bottom right.

This one is a 5s exposure at 1600 ISO.  Lots of clouds & light pollution!!!

This one is a 15s exposure at 1600 ISO.  More car light flairs!

It was a cloudy night and I had some Alignment issues so you can see some drift in the stars.  I have posted the full image on at this link...

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