Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Orion EQ-1 Equatorial Telescope Mount - Review

This is my quick video review...

I purchased this mount so I could get outside, quickly setup and view with my Orion Deluxe 100mm scope without having to drag out the CGEM and all the setup that goes with it.  My other hope was to find a mount that was stable enough to do some basic astrophotography on short notice.  I quickly found this not to be the case.

Couple of  pros and cons:

1 - Its an Equatorial Telescope Mount... the only kind to get!
2 - Lightweight and portable, coming in at 11.9 lbs.
3 - Easy to setup! Level the mount, find Polaris, line it up and your good to go.

1 - Not stable enough for astrophotography
2 - Motion controls are wobbly, do not secure tight and are not fluid enough.
3 - Some sort of sticky tacky lubricant coming out of mount head joints.
4 - Bubble level is glaringly absent.
5 - Will need to purchase other accessories to mount your scope.
6 - R.A. and Dec. Lock screws are torture to your fingers.

In conclusion:  I'm trying to stay positive with this one... It's defiantly worth the $100 I spent on it.  Having said that, I would NOT recommend this for anything but casual viewing!  Taking Images is defiantly out of the question and you should do your research on what to purchase in order to get your scope to hook up to this thing.

Product Link: Orion EQ-1 Equatorial Telescope Mount

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