Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Just thought I would let everyone see the settings I use when I processing images with DEEP SKY STACKER 3.3.2 for all my deep sky Astrophotography images.

Basically, if you follow all the instructions on the  DEEP SKY STACKER web site you wont go wrong.   The one setting that I have had problems with is DRISSLE... Just make sure you unchek both 2x Drizzle and 3x Drizzle.  I usual run into an out of memory.  You can read more about this issue here: Memory errors while stacking with DEEP SKY STACKER.

Couple of suggestions:

  • Take as many dark's as you can,  they really do help.
  • The output image will be very white and will need to be processed in photo editing software like GIMP (free) or PHOTOSHOP

This image has all the settings that I use:

You can find the technical details found

Hope this helps you out...

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